What's your SDG?


In 2015, the United Nations set 17 inspiring goals to transform the world by 2030. The goals are a template to make the world a better place and our future more sustainable. If you’re not familiar with the SDGs, have a look at the link below. The UN and many hardworking partners have created some inspiring content.


In 2018, I moved out of an apartment I lived in for 13 years. When cleaning up, I discovered I had collected so many things. On reflection, my consumption was pretty much unchecked for over a decade. Buying stuff was a normal and regular part of life.  Amazon and 1-click ordering made it so easy to over consume.

So back to the SDGs. After studying them at a sustainability course at NYU, I adopted Climate Action as my personal goal. My consuming way of life was a significant contributor to rising CO2 emissions. I alone didn’t do all the damage, but when you multiply it by millions, our planet suffers.

What changes did I make by adopting SDG #13?

  1. Sold or gave away most of my unnecessary stuff

  2. In the process of selling my car

  3. Eaten less meat

  4. Increased vegetarian foods in my diet

  5. Before buying anything, I ask myself if I need it

  6. Deleted Facebook (it might sound unrelated, but it helped me to reduce the desire to consume).

All the above changes have been a real positive in my life. I understand these small adjustments will not solve climate change. However, on an individual level, it’s a significant first step. Before we can solve bigger problems, we need to get our own house in order.  

As a new year is upon us, how about choosing an SDG for yourself? You will make the world a better place and you can learn a lot about yourself too.  

What’s your SDG?