Lee Kwan Yew’s Masterwork


Lee Kwan Yew’s Masterwork: His Post-independence Singapore Narratives

How to tell a compelling narrative within a policy context.

This thesis aimed to apply psychodynamic approaches to the exploration of the effectiveness of storytelling in strengthening one’s organization, engaging one’s audience and advancing one’s mission by analyzing selected narratives from Lee Kwan Yew’s post-independence Singapore speeches. The different frameworks for people to understand how to tell a good tale shall be examined and the core elements of storytelling broken down to discuss how these narratives helped Lee Kwan Yew to shape the policies of a nation. This paper is a study of the politics of public policy-making within the context of nation building by examining the central means in which Lee led and inspired others through his narratives. It explores the conceptualization, execution, and gaps of the late Lee Kwan Yew’s stories on Singapore. It shows how Lee provided context, articulate the core story of who he was, how he articulated the tale of who Singaporeans are and where Singaporeans are heading.

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