Business as a force for good

Business as a force for good: Making change happen with sustainability

Project2 is a sustainability consulting firm specializing in facilitating companies and consultancies with their recruitment needs for sustainability development.

In summary – Project2 is a boutique, international consultancy in sustainability with extensive experience across the Asia Pacific and, we believe our team may bring significant value to the expansion of your sustainability development team.

Unlike other recruitment firms, we only focus on sustainability talent as we believe in not depleting stocks, replenishing and maintaining ecological balance and not being harmful to the environment when we conduct business, and we do so by matching talent with purposeful jobs like yours, a company that is a force for good.

We have the advantage of being able to offer a niche pool of sustainable talent that can provide a far more cost-efficient solution compared to the traditional very-large recruitment companies in Singapore that are more used to handling recruitment for the masses.

We look forward to helping in your job vacancies.

Ian Teh