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Project2, is a boutique management consulting firm, providing proactive and research-based recruiting services to organizations seeking the very best talent to lead their companies.


The Value We Deliver

  • Trusted
  • Specialized
  • Connected
  • High-Tech
  • Scientific

1. We Are Trusted

We work as part of your team—a trusted advisor—not just another "order taker". We acknowledge that every situation is different, so we develop customized talent management solutions based on your unique requirements.

Client Highlights

  • Access to pools of passive candidates
  • Market insight and intelligence
  • Advice from a fresh perspective

Candidate Highlights

  • Up-to-the-date information about job market changes
  • Access to the hidden job market
  • Career planning and skill audit
  • Coaching and interview preparation

2. We Are Specialized

With our specialized knowledge about your industry, we are the go-to guys and the go-to girls who can help. You won’t need to spend time educating us about your industry. Instead, we’ll get right to work on your hiring or job search.

Client Highlights

  • Thorough understanding of your business
  • Find talent faster
  • Reducing hiring time and cost

Candidate Highlights

  • Faster and better job matches
  • Pinpoint how your experience fits the industry
  • Help for getting the precise role you want

3. We Are Connected

It’s our job to source talent and we enjoy doing it. The result is that we’ve built an extensive network of professional connections, and we use these connections to help our clients and candidates in every way we can.

Client Highlights

  • Frequently already connected to your next hire
  • Streamlined hiring process
  • Access to passive candidates
  • Reduce hiring costs

Candidate Highlights

  • Access to multiple opportunities
  • Relationships with key hiring managers
  • Access to the most current opportunities
  • Independent advice

4. We Are High-Tech

Today’s cutting-edge technology is bringing major improvements to hiring. We embrace technology as a way to handle the hiring process with much greater efficiency. Many days and weeks are invested in the hiring process by both candidates and clients, so any approach that reduces the amount of time expended is highly valuable to everyone involved. We have a simple goal, improve the user experience and obtain a superior result. Utilizing technology is the key.

Client Highlights

  • Improve the experience of hiring
  • Improve speed and efficiency
  • Build stronger talent pipelines

Candidate Highlights

  • Save time and effort
  • Receive clear and relevant career information
  • Avoid missing opportunities due to time commitments

5. We Are Scientific

Talent acquisition and management is a science, not an art form. We have enhanced the hiring process by partnering with companies who are world leaders in this space. Together we use big data and scientifically validated hiring assessments to help you increase productivity, reduce turnover, avoid accepting the wrong role, and reduce the time and effort of hiring.

Client Highlights

  • Advice on using structured interview processes
  • Eliminate poor hiring decisions based purely on gut
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Increase recruiting efficiency and reduce cost of hires

Candidate Highlights

  • Match you with the right role and culture
  • Insight for training and development opportunities
  • Career planning and coaching advice

Meet the team

We’re dedicated to doing our best and relentlessly seeking improvement. Our team has truly embraced the Japanese concept of Kaizen.

The Project2 Difference

  • We Listen

    Listening well helps everyone. Clients need candidates with specific skills and experience. Candidates are looking for opportunities to advance their careers and earnings. Recruiters who fail to listen to both sides end up wasting everyone’s time by suggesting matches that just don’t work, so we pay close attention to all of the details to get it right from the start.

  • We Network

    Our job is to know people. We are constantly reaching out to initiate contact and foster close relationships with everyone who is seeking new talent or a new position. We aren’t new to this game, so we’ve had some time to build our network. Collectively we bring years of experience and many, many contacts to our efforts to help you succeed.

  • We Study

    We pride ourselves on the work we do to learn about your industry. We study the nature of the industry and the individual cultures of the companies involved. We know both the details and the big picture, and this knowledge plays an essential role in our ability to ensure we find the right match.

  • We Stay True

    Integrity is our cornerstone. Our sustained success is built on our reputation for fairness and honesty. We work in partnerships with our clients and candidates, not in competition with them. We’re on your side and we will stay true.

  • We Envision

    We think long term and act to build lasting relationships. We assist people continuously as they manage their companies and their careers, so we see how opportunities and talent develop over time. Our ability to envision the future gives us one more powerful way to help both companies and individuals achieve their goals.

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